Ellis Paul

Saturday, April 4, 2020

8:30 PM


website: www.stageit.com/ShutInandSing

Ellis will be one of many. Ticket information coming soon.

A group of songwriters joining forces to stay connected through music and community.

This project has come together as a response to the COVID-19 quarantines. We thought, “What if we get to be together even more in these times? Not in person, but in innovation, creation and connection?” Ours is a small and grassroots community. We take care of each other in the good times and in the challenging times.

Shut In & Sing is a roster of some of your favorite artists… and some people you’ve never heard of. Here is your chance to discover new music, to feel connected to one another and to us. By sharing resources, the artists have the possibility of making news fans and even ONE new person makes a difference in their world. Oh wait… ONE PERSON MAKES A DIFFERENCE? And we’ve reached the point of everything!

There is connection to be made in this isolation. Some of us have more than others. All of us know it’s time to collaborate and not compete. We may be shut in, but we’re still gonna sing.

Amanda Walther – Amber Rubarth – Amy Ray – Amy Speace – Amythyst Kiah – Anne Heaton – Anthony D’Amato – Antje Duvekot – the Ballroom Thieves – Becky Warren – Ben Arthur – Betsy Phillips – Caleb Caudle – Chance McCoy – Chastity Brown – Chely Wright – Dan Navarro – Della Mae – Dylan LeBlanc – Edie Carey – Eliot Bronson – Emily Saliers – Emily Scott Robinson – Erin McKeown – Garrison Starr – Grant-Lee Phillips – Jay Nash – Jill Sobule – Kim Richey – Kirby Brown – Kris Delmhorst – Lisa Ferraro – Lori McKenna – Lucy Wainwright Roche – Mark Erelli – Mary Bragg – Matt the Electrician – Meg Toohey – Michaela Anne – Mouths of Babes – Natalie Schlabs – Natalia Zukerman – Nickel&Rose – Nikki Morgan – Oliver the Crow – Rachael Sage – Rachel Baiman – Rissi Palmer – Robby Hecht – Sera Cahoone – Wild Ponies – Wilson Marks and more TBA!

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