Ellis Paul

Jul 13 2006 - The Final Standing Order for the Best of Recordings

july 13th, 2006
Crozet, VA

Okay already... i have tallied the votes and added and subtracted and racked my head to put this dern thing together, but here she is... I just sent off the final versions for mastering...

The double album will consost of a singer/songwriter side and more of a folk rock side...

here the list... unless noted, the evrsions will be from the album

1) Take Me Down
2) Paris in  aDay
3) Maria's beautiful Mess (a new live in studio version)
4) Take All the Sky you Need
5) Home (a new studio version)
6) The Only Way
7) Midnight Strikes too Soon
8) Conversation with a Ghost
9) Eighteen
10) The World Ain't Slowin' Down
11) Snow in Austin (live from the Somerville Theater)
12) All Things Being the Same
13) Welcome home to Maine (a studio version)
14) If U Break Down ( a new studio version)
15) Angel in Manhatten
16) Did Galileo Pray (from the live album)

The ROCKIER cd will be
1) Sweet Mistakes (from the cd sweet mistakes)
2) 3,ooo Miles (from Sweet Mistakes)
3) Black Top Train
4) Seventeen Septembers
5) Jukebox on My Grave (recorded in my kitchen)
6) Autobiography of a Pistol
7) Alice's Champagne Palace
8) Words (a new in studio version)
9) If She's the One (a new song produced by Flynn)
10) Deliver Me
11) The Martyr's Lounge
12) Roll Away Bed
13) She Was (live at the Somerville Theater)
14) She Loves a Girl
15) Speed of Trees (live from the boothbay opera House)
16) God's Promise (live from the boothbay Opera House)

Your input was very valuable to me in putting these songs together, thanks for the endless list of songs- and your input  is the reason why Galileo, Deliver Me, and The Speed of Trees made the cut, because none of them were on my lists. I added a 16th song on each cd to accomodate them. I am hoping the cd length can handle the additions... crossed fingers...

Songs that are sorely missed by me on this list... Last Call, The Ballad of Chris McCandless, Weightless, King of Seventh Avenue, Look at the Wind Blow, Trolley Car, Kiss the Sun, New Orleans... it goes on...

I am very excited for people to hear the new version of "Home" and the live version of "Snow in Austin"... they came out beautifully...
The rest did too, but these were a surprise.

Yes, the long ballyhooed "Welcome Home to Maine" is here to with Rachel Davis singing back up... It does exist!

Thanks again for the help in selecting the songs, y'all... see you out there...

updated: 3 years ago