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the Discussion board is down, we are working on a new one

June 20th, 10:30am

good morning y'all--
good news and bad news today...

bad new first-- the discussion board was hacked into this morning and successfully disabled. We will rebuild it this afternoon from scratch, and you will probably have to re-register. Apologies for this, we will try to make a more secure new discussion board and have something up this afternoon. we can rebuild it, we can make it stronger, faster, better, and we will. Doctors say that when a bone breaks, the place where it heals actually becomes stronger and more reinforced when it has healed. So shall we.

Good news-- I am in the final day of mixing the best of album's recordings with John Jennings in Charlottesville. I am very happy with the results. We have done new versions of:

Maria's Beautiful Mess
Welcome Home to Maine
if you Break Down

and will be mixing live versions of
Jukebox on my Grave
Snow in Austin
She was

a live version of The Speed of Trees will also be on it.

As will album versions of--

Take me down
take All the Sky you Need
Paris in a day
Midnight Strikes too Soon
Black Top train
Conversation with a Ghost
World Aint Slowin' Down
Martyr's Lounge
17 septembers
Angel In Manhatten

I am still doing battle with myself over which of the rest to include, but have a good idea--
some candidates--
Deliver Me
She Loves a girl
i won't cry over you
new orleans
autobiography of a pistol

they all won't be on this, but I will release a final list next week!

Thanks for reregistering at the board, and we'll see y'all soon1

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