Ellis Paul

May 30 2006 - back Home in Charlottesville after a whirlwind tour

May 30th, 2006
Charlottesville, VA

Hello y'all--

I am back in Charlottesville after a whirlwind of a trip through Europe and back to New England. More on those shows a bit later, but I would like to thank everyone involved in the shows in Germany, France and Britian for all the support, and I can't wait to return. I have never drank as many pints as I have over the last couple of weeks. i could see disappearing into the European Pub culture and never coming out!

II am now back home drying out, and I am starting the recording process for the "best of" album and have narrowed the song selection somewhat. Thanks so much for the input, your lists revealed that I need to keep "Did Galileo Pray" and "The Speed of Trees" on the record! And it confirmed some other choices as well, such as "Roll Away Bed" and "The Martyr's Lounge" among other things.

I am recording in Charlottesville over the next few days with John Jennings, who has produced John Gorka, Mary Chapin Carpenter, and Bill Morrissey. We are recording a few of the classics (if you Break down, words, and Maria's Beautiful Mess) and taking a swing at at a couple of new ones.

Don Conoscenti, on acoustic guitar, is flying in from Chicago, and Dave Maddox , on drums, formerly of Fairport Convention, is coming in from Boston as well. We will be recording six or seven songs.

The plan is for between 26 and 30 songs. Here are the certainties...

1) Paris in A day
2) Conversation with a Ghost
3) Take All The Sky You Need
4) She Was (live)
5) Weightless
6) 3,000 miles
7) Sweet Mistakes
8) Midnight Strikes too Soon
9) Snow in Austin live
10) Jukebox on My Grave
11) home
12) Black top Train
13) Seventeen Septembers
14) The Speed of Trees
15) Words
16) The World Ain't Slowin' Down
17) Welcome Home to Maine (new)
18) Autobiography of a pistol
19) Take Me Down
20) Angel in Manhatten live
21) God's promise
22) Eighteen
23) Maria's Beautiful Mess
24) Martyr's Lounge
25) Roll Away Bed
26) If U Break Down

the remaining 4 will probably be chosen from the following, but if you have one I haven't mentioned let me know... and please vote again for the remaining four slots.....

If she's the one (new), Rose in a Cage (new) Seven, Last Call, new Orleans, Deliver Me, All Things Being the Same, Look at the Windblow, the only way, Bad, Bad, Blood, Never Lived at All, Here She Is, Ballad of CHris mcCandless, King of Seventh Avenue, Kiss the Sun

Thanks for the input, and I hopefully will have this thing done by July 1st!


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