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Nov 27 2003 - Happy Thanksgiving

Posted: Nov 27, 2003 8:46:01 pm  Thanksgiving
2003...Hey y'all--
I am sitting in my home in Maine contemplating what a beautiful year I've had-- getting married to a wonderful human being, traveling with the court jester of folk around the country, learning and recording new songs from old friends, writing with people for the first time, traveling around with a group of Woody Guthrie heads and meeting thousands of people along the way...What a journey this year has been! I am now putting my nose to the writing grind stone and I hope to have an album of songs ready to go into studio with by the end of May! Wish me luck! You will be hearing the new songs as they arrive and many forgotten older ones in the upcoming months...Have a safe and happy turkey day, or tofu day if you are into that kind of thing...Many, many thanks...
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Posted: Dec 13, 2003 3:17:08 am  And a Merry Christmas to you E Paul.. "here's hoping Santa brings you what you asked for"..Now make 2004 a year to remember!
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