Ellis Paul

Oct 3 2005 - A New Song: Snow in Austin

Cambridge, MAHey y'all... welcome to the new forum for blogging. I am still new at this, so I am easing in. I will be keeping the same discussion site as well, for off topic discussions... but tihs will be topic driven every week or so...I carried this song idea for months and finally finished it as I was driving in Austin a couple of weeks ago. I had this plan to do a Christmas album, but it's looking unlikely for this year. I'll keep writing for it though... Christmas happens every year, after all... This is the first edition and I may be changing some of the lyrics. I wanted to add some landmarks in Boston too, maybe... we'll see. I never thought I would use armadillo in a song. They are so sad, those frozen landmarks of the great Texas highways.
•- Ellis
Snow in Austin
I woke up to frost on the window
I'd been sleeping in a snowglobe town
6 inches on the groundYou always said I'd never would see a white Christmas
snow angels never make it to Texas
but you were wrong
They're outside singing Hank William's songsIf snow can fall in Austin
Why can't you fall into my arms?
So you say your home is Boston
What's New England got on all these Texas charms?tumbleweeds
dance on the ground
upside downhave you ever seen a cactus Christmas tree?
Come see
There's a snowman standing out on 6th street
with a hat, a scarf, outside a blues bar
it's Stevie Ray Vaughn with a broom guitarRemember that night at Las Monitas
Our heads were numb from frozen margaritas
Imagine how
cold they would be now

updated: 3 years ago