Ellis Paul

Sep 15 2009 - CMT Blog about Jack Ingram and The World Ain't Slown' Down

Alison Bonaguro wrote a blog on CMT.com about Jack Ingram recording The World Ain't Slown' Down for his new release, which I believe is coming out the beginning of the year. They did send me a copy and I am really excited for everyone to hear it! Hope you are having a great holiday season!

Here is what she wrote...thanks Alison!

"Back in September, Craig Shelburne blogged that Jack Ingram was poised for the next level. And that when a label rep played CMT staffers some cuts off Ingram's new album, Shelburne thought that "if any song is going to do it, I'd pick 'The World Ain't Slowin' Down'." I have to agree, since I just heard the original singer-songwriter Ellis Paul play that tune live last weekend. I've been hearing him play it at every show for years, ever since it gained some notoriety when it was featured in the Jim Carrey movie, Me, Myself & Irene. But when Paul announced that Jack Ingram was putting it on his next album, the song took on a whole new meaning for me. I cannot wait to hear what kind of a Texas country spin Ingram puts on this one. And the rest of the album, for that matter."

updated: 3 years ago