Ellis Paul

Review-A Child Grows in Brooklyn

by Karen (mom of Birch)
I don't think I have ever reviewed an album on a post before...but I just had to make this exception.  I got an email from a publicist asking me if I wanted to review a new Ellis Paul family CD. I listened to some MP3s first and, being blown away, asked for one to be sent right away.  I told Papa Tree how I loved this new album by an artist named Ellis Paul, and he, of course, knew all about him. I really didn't know I was so out of the loop! Well, at any rate, I am in the loop about Ellis now! 51nc86n2gkl_sl500_aa240_ If you liked Free To Be With You and Me with Marlo Thomas, I bet you are going to like Ellis Paul's new children's songs. They have the same narrative quality and rich cast of characters who have other wordly adventures carrying with them their real world values.  The songs investigate world concerns in a sophisticated, yet child-friendly manner through the alluring, rich voice of Ellis.

If you aren't familiar with Ellis Paul, now is a great time to become acquainted with him. A celebrated folk artist with 13 albums, he wrote this 14th with his two daughters in mind.  It is his first family album and I am grateful he decided to do one. Finally, music that child and parent can listen to without the parent getting bored or going crazy!

If you don't want to take my word for it, the Boston Globe said, "Paul is one of folkdom's most incisive and intimate songwriters. Now a doting father, his first family album, "Dragonfly Races," bubbles with buoyant, hummable songs that appeal to kids and parents - and incite good conversations..."

In support of the new album, "The Dragonfly Races", Ellis is touring. He is coming to one of my favorite venues, "Joe's Pub".

updated: 10 years ago