Cleveland 9/25/10 & Ann Arbor 9/26/10

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Cleveland 9/25/10 & Ann Arbor 9/26/10

Postby pgmusicman » Mon Oct 04, 2010 6:32 pm

I recently was fortunate to see back to back Ellis concerts, and wanted to share the set lists for both shows:

Ellis Paul Concert at Beachland Tavern, Cleveland, OH, USA on September 25, 2010:

1. Rose Tattoo
2. The Only Way
3. Maria's Beautiful Mess
4. Lights of Vegas
5. Hurricane Angel
6. Dragonfly
7. Walking After Midnight / Change
8. Annalee
9. 3,000 Miles
10. Once Upon a Summertime
11. (Unknown): Heckler Poem
12. Alice's Champagne Palace
13. Take All the Sky You Need
14. Jukebox On My Grave
15. Heaven's Wherever You Are
16. The World Ain't Slowin' Down

17. The Night Hank Williams Came to Town (Johnny Cash cover)

Ellis Paul Concert at The Ark, Ann Arbor, MI, USA on September 26, 2010:

1. Rose Tattoo
2. The Only Way
3. Hurricane Angel
4. Maria's Beautiful Mess
5. Annalee
6. Dragonfly
7. Lights of Vegas
8. Take All the Sky You Need
9. Once Upon a Summertime
10. Walking After Midnight / Change
11. Alice's Champagne Palace
12. Jukebox On My Grave
13. 3,000 Miles
14. Heaven's Wherever You Are
15. The World Ain't Slowin' Down

16. Home

Don Conoscenti, fresh off of his UK tour with Sam Baker, joined Ellis for both shows. It is always great to see these 2 perform together!

During the Cleveland show, Ellis read something from his phone that he had recently written (may have been the first performance of this?). Not sure what the official title is, but I think he referred to it as "The Heckler", which was a response to a certain song request from the audience (I'll let you guess what was requested).

At both shows, Ellis mentioned that the Farrelly brothers have asked him to send the music, WITHOUT vocals, for the new album for possible use in their new movie, "Hall Pass" which comes out in 2011.

I have posted both of these setlists to a site called
I know there used to be a site that tracked Ellis Paul setlists, but I can't seem to find it. I wish that I had all of the setlists from the dozen or more times I have seen Ellis, but I didn't keep track of them (or if I did, it was on a napkin that probably went through the wash the next day). Hopefully I can keep track of setlists on this new site, and maybe some others will share setlists here AND enter them at the site.


PS Below, are direct links to the individual setlists. The site automatically includes links to youtube for each song. These are not links to videos from the concert.

Cleveland: ... 53bc3.html

Ann Arbor: ... 53bc8.html

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Re: Cleveland 9/25/10 & Ann Arbor 9/26/10

Postby Patti » Mon Oct 04, 2010 8:14 pm

Thanks for posting that Mark. I think the set list website got hacked and it would have been alot of work to repost it. At the show I was at last weekend Ellis did The Heckler Poem.. ( I am happy to say it was not directed at me ...this time... :lol: ) He also mentioned the Farrelly Brothers wanting his music but didn't mention which movie but he did say next Feb. so Hall Pass seems to be it. ( The premise of the movie seems pretty funny) Anyway, anytime you get to see Ellis that is great.. when Don Con is with him it is super great... Glad you posted about it.
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Re: Cleveland 9/25/10 & Ann Arbor 9/26/10

Postby KarenZ » Tue Oct 05, 2010 10:04 am


Thanks so much for the wonderful report AND for posting the setlists here and on! 8) I've stumbled across the website a few times and have meaning to encourage folks to submit their EP setlists there. It would be great if we could build up a setlist database and I have a huge backlog that I could submit! I think I'll post a separate thread and ask folks to submit their setlists to if they can.

Thanks again! :-)

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Re: Cleveland 9/25/10 & Ann Arbor 9/26/10

Postby Richard + Jela » Wed Oct 06, 2010 3:44 am

Always good to read about shows on here (and see what I am missing!!!) so thanks for posting Mark. Hope you will do so again and again.

Great news about the music for the film; I suspect a lot of people became Ellis Paul fans after hearing his songs in 'Me, Myself, Irene' and 'Shallow Hal' so it's wonderful exposure for his music.


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