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Today (Aug. 9) in EP Music History Trivia

Posted: Wed Aug 09, 2006 11:11 am
by KarenZ
"From a chair in the kitchen
I watched her live her life in a batting cage
Swingin' through jobs, through her family
Then it hit me, it grabbed me
She's winding up like Satchel Page" -- Ellis Paul


On Aug. 9, 1971 LeRoy Satchel Paige, one of baseball’s pitching legends, was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY.

On his 42nd birthday in 1948, Satchel Paige was sold to the Cleveland Indians becoming the oldest player to make his major league debut....and helped the Indians win the pennant.

Can you name the Ellis Paul song containing the lines of lyric above? Click here for answer.


Posted: Thu Aug 10, 2006 11:59 am
by BillE
Independence Day. Never have understood that line...

Posted: Thu Aug 10, 2006 12:11 pm
by KarenZ
Which line? Winding up like Satchel Paige?


BillE wrote:Independence Day. Never have understood that line...

Posted: Thu Aug 10, 2006 12:21 pm
by paddyinthepub
BillE...I know what ya mean.

That happens alot in this genre with me. I'll learn songs and sing along yet if I stop to dissect I sometimes just scratch my head and wonder what was meant by this line or that line.

That's a classic example, isn't it? You just want to know if yer missin something?

In this case, I think it's mostly clever wordplay on Ellis' part.

As opposed to her "ending up" I think "winding up" just refers to the fact that Satchell Paige was a pitcher who "winds up" before delivering every pitch.

Probably way deeper than that but I usually don't go there often. Gets in the way sometime trying to figure out these wordsmiths and what they may or may not have been tring to say about someone in song. I believe this song was selected as SONG OF THE WEEK a while back so maybe we could continue the train of thought over there. Someone is bound to know for sure what that line means....Ellis? :wink: