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My Album

Postby guy-richardson » Tue Sep 18, 2007 11:44 am

Hi Ellis!, Just to thank you once again for being cool,! my first album will be finished soon, its not profesional, but its just acoustic sounds, my friend and me study music technology at college and hes doing the degree, im still working my way up to the degree. We help each other out with recording and whatever.
i just wondered if maybe i could send you a copy, i would be overwhelmed if you could hear my music as i have heared yours so many times. Also, i thought it may be interesting to see what someone sounds like who has gained his influence of music through acoustic music and metal.
lol, i know, dont get the wrong picture, its not heavy, but i do like to add power to my lyrics, it brings out the emosion in my songs so much more effectivly. anyhow, it wont be finished for at least 2 months or so, but i thought i would ask now incase you had alot of things on your plate.
thanks for taking your time to consider anyways ellis, your the best.

guy richardson
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