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Because It's There

Postby TallManinOregon » Wed Dec 03, 2008 3:50 pm

EP, my friend... Dragonfly Races has officially consumed my "music-space" of late... to the point that my wife has given me the proverbial "enough already!" (it's her problem, not mine!)...

Now, I have no idea how you compose songs, from a process stand point. I can only imagine a notebook or piles of cocktail napkins... or some variation on that theme. Personally, I like to organize thoughts on a white board at the office... or the black/chalkboard-painted laundry room doors at home... but I digress...

So, I'm listening to Because It's There and I am trying to imagine how you decided to use the line "We'll pack some flares" in the refrain...

It's just an odd image, to me...

Flares? Really? We're going to the stars, to the bottem of the ocean, to the top of Everest and we're packing flares? Really?! I guess they are waterproof... :?

I wonder if it was just the song writer's ongoing conundrum of rhyme-schemes or if it just flowed naturally and stuck? Was it a gap in the lyrics and flares just fit well-enough thematically? Were you and Flynn kicking around the studio brainstorming over a fifth of (insert liquor of choice here) and wedged it in because of the inherant hilarity that comes with "creative imbibing"? Did Ella suggest you bring flares?

Inquiring minds (that obsess over such things) need to know!

All the best to you and the family this holiday season! Pretty please, come back to Oregon soon... :wink:

My son tells me everytime the CD gets to the horns in DFR "Daddy, I like this song!"

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