Long Lost Songs

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Long Lost Songs

Postby Patti » Thu Oct 02, 2008 4:48 pm

Since Karen asked.... here are a few more... I originally posted this in Say Something. Thanks..

I was hitting some of the links from this page and was looking at the tunings link for your songs... there are a bunch listed there and some fall under the heading of "unrecorded songs" ... Titles such Mr. President, The Marsha Clark song...The Ballad of Mr. Lonely, (find your own cloud)
I wonder what songs these actually wound up being.. though "Mr Lonely" might be Kristen's Song??


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Re: Long Lost Songs

Postby EllisPaul » Wed Oct 08, 2008 2:15 pm

some of these long lost songs are topical, like "Mr President" which was about Bill Clinton's troubles with Monica Lewinsky and Whitewater, and "Marcia Clark" which was about the lawyer in OJ Simpson's original trial...
The "Mr Lonely" song was the original title of "Kristian's Song"...
The topical songs tend to have a short life, and I rarely do those kinds of songs anymore, but they were fun to write!

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