Lyrics to lost song: Road Bound

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Lyrics to lost song: Road Bound

Postby KarenZ » Thu Oct 02, 2008 10:13 am


I've been in the Archive re-discovering things long forgotten. :) I came across something you posted on the old, old discussion board back in 2000 that included lyrics to a song you were working on called "Road Bound". Just curious if you remember this song....or did it maybe end up being born as something else? ;)
You were writing from LA at the time....


Road Bound

We are road bound
we're chasing the sea
Pretty girl in the front seat
and she's wrapped around me
You slept through Virginia
woke up in Tennessee
in a sleepy old town
on some old battleground

A statue brought the morning
with a fog rolling in
a general on a stone horse
the leader of men
and I'm glad I'm through fighting
the wars I can't win
and the fights I can't lose
I'm gonna pick as I choose

Packed a one way suitcase
with a map and a jack
we burned all the bridges
and we're not turning back
and when they come looking
we lied about facts
on an Arkansas phone
to all the folks back home

We're Road Bound
gonna swim in the sea
touch the blue waters
let them crash over me
When we reach California
we'll fall to our knees
while Angels and palms
are singing Beach Boy songs
Angels and palms
singing Beach Boy songs
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