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Back to School

Postby paddyinthepub » Mon Aug 27, 2007 11:04 am

Well, it's that time of the year again. "Where did the summer go?" is a common thought around these parts. I recall as a kid that summer seemed to go on forever. Now, as a parent of a grade schooler, they seem to fly.

Anecdotes about going Back To School:

I'll begin....

Our teacher assignments (big doings around here) slipped out on the school website long before they should have. Kind of a no - no but some parents found out if they tuned in at the right time. Well, we missed it, but had an inside source who let us know who our son's teacher would be.

Didn't have an opinion or preconceived notion about her, except with a name like Mrs. Boorem, we only hoped and prayed she didn't. More and more I am convinced we live in Mayberry RFD the way everyone knows everyone and word gets around. While spending a day at the pool this summer (a common occurence) I happened to talk with one of our neighbors who also works as a teacher's assistant at our school. Naturally the talk went to "Who'd ya get?" and I was able to answer immediately that we had MRS. "BOOREM" and that I hoped she didn't.

"No, You Don't," my neighbor said. Oh really....and how's that. Well, the 4th grade class size needed to add another teacher and "Boorem" volunteered. Okay, great. We later found out that we would have slightly inflated class sizes and there would be only three 3rd grade classes this year and that all students originally slated for "Boorem" would be assigned one of the other teachers. By this point I'd talked with enough parents to know who I wanted our son to have and who I didn't want him to have. There was good news and bad news. We discovered the next teacher assigned to us was Mrs. Bond (no relation to 007 whatsoever) and of all the teachers she was least sought after by students and parents. The good news was our son has several buddies who also landed in her class.

Until....the school decided, last minute, to add another 3rd grade class to keep the class sizes even and fair and in line with curriculum. A letter out to all parents of 3rd graders arrived just last week, and the cover letter stated the latest decision to add another class and teacher. The second page was akin to opening the envelope at THE OSCARS, for it revealed once and for all who would teach our child this year.

Except...our son landed the new teacher, and for some reason the school couldn't officially announce the name when the letters were sent out. Of course the phone starts ringing off the wall with friends and neighbors wondering, one last time, WHO'DYA GET???

Well, I'd tell 'em.....It's either Mrs. TBA or Mr. TBD. :lol: Eventually, word of the newly hired teacher got around, and I have to say we're feeling pretty good about it. I think she's kin to Sheriff Taylor!!! :lol:

We put him on the bus this morning knowing he was excited to be getting Back to School. It all worked out fine in the end and he has several buddies who were also slated to have Ms. TBA this year. When I learned that a neighbor's daughter was nervous about starting 1st grade this year, I polled all the kids at our stop.

Okay, any of you that are feeling a little nervous or jittery about the first day back to school with a new teacher, raise your hand......

All hands went up!!!

Naturally....... :wink:
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Postby Patti » Tue Aug 28, 2007 3:40 pm

Yes back to school time... I love that add from Staples "it's the most wonderful time of the year"

Paddy my fourth grader waited for the letter too... and when it FINALLY arrived she promptly got on the phone to all her friends. She said to me later that night " this must be the phone company's busiest night of the year"..!!.

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