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Carol Noonan's Stone Mountain Arts Center

Posted: Tue Jun 20, 2006 4:39 pm
by KarenZ

I think I posted this early this morning.....but early this morning seems so L-O-N-G ago! I've lived a lifetime since then! ;)

Anyway, I've been hearing about the Stone Mountain Arts Center for several months....that it was being built by folks donating their time and materials....and now, according to Carol Noonan's latest e-newsletter, it's a reality and the grand opening is on Aug. 5 & 6....the day after Ellis' show in Ogunquit. This could work for me....

Check it out here. Stone Mountain Arts Center

AND....Ellis is scheduled to play there on jan. 13, 2007! :D


Posted: Tue Jun 20, 2006 5:09 pm
by wendy
I knew this was in the works. She's already got a pretty amazing lineup of performers booked!

If you thought getting to Boothbay in January might be tough, just try Brownfield... :lol:

Posted: Sun Jul 30, 2006 5:26 pm
by KarenZ
Today's Boston Globe has a terrific article about Carol Noonan's Stone Mountain Arts Center. Pictures too.

Boston Globe - July 30, 2006


Posted: Sun Jul 30, 2006 7:29 pm
by paddyinthepub
Can anyone say roadtrip.....?........ :wink:

My son's early favorite singer ( tho he didn't know it ) was Randy Newman singing the Theme Song to Disney Pixar's Toy Story. Ya know the one that goes:........You've Got a Friend In Me.

Amazing vehicle this internet thing can be. I now have such a yearning to go up and visit this new venue which will likely be on Ellis' tour schedule for years to come.

Thanks to all parties involved in bringing this story our way today. All the best to Stone Mountain Arts Center and hope to see ya down the road soon.

Posted: Sun Jul 30, 2006 7:50 pm
by KarenZ
Jan. 12 = Boothbay Harbor, ME. (Boothbay Opera House)
Jan. 13 = Brownfield, ME. (Stone Mountain Arts Center)

Winter road trip? :wink:


Posted: Sun Jul 30, 2006 9:23 pm
by paddyinthepub
Ellis and all,

pardon a mois: :oops:

"music advisory, one more for the diary" :D

Posted: Sun Jul 30, 2006 9:28 pm
by KarenZ
For his music I'll beat the cold,
With a blizzard in my headlights
or an avalanche in the road.


Posted: Sun Jul 30, 2006 9:40 pm
by paddyinthepub
There's a train on blacktop forming
Ellis and Karen giving out ample warning

Posted: Sun Jul 30, 2006 10:00 pm
by Lauren
We'll all be night persons
Come home from hearing Ellis in bars
Hopefully no tossing and turning
Just dreaming of snowflakes and stars
At 8 in the morning we'll not grouch
With our coffee, our jam, and our bread
For you'll have slept on my futon and couch
And in your very own rollaway bed

Posted: Sun Jul 30, 2006 10:28 pm
by paddyinthepub
Karen's writing a song
like she's heard all along
On the discussion board walk of Ellis Paul City

Once inside it's a matter of pride
A white knuckle kind of busy
Make's her wish on a Guy that's a dish
That he sings this old car soon.

Oh, encores strike too soon.
Yea, encores strike too soon.


Posted: Sun Jul 30, 2006 10:32 pm
by KarenZ
As usual, you guys are crackin' me up :!: :!: Now I must get some beauty rest. G'nite all.... :)

(5am strikes too soon!)


Posted: Wed Feb 21, 2007 4:28 pm
by bonuela
I just found this thread. Too bad I did not see it earlier. I saw the Ellis show there is January and the Center is everything they said it would be. I do wish I had seen it during daylight hours, but I hope to be back there in the future.

It is such a beautiful area that it would make a nice weekend trip for those of you not in the New England area.


Posted: Wed Feb 21, 2007 4:47 pm
by JennyLevE
Thanks for bumping this one up or I would never have discovered the talented songwriters that we have right here on the board.

It put a smile on my face. :D

Did anyone notice that Ellis was on today?