Death of FolkScene's Howard Larman

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Death of FolkScene's Howard Larman

Postby KarenZ » Wed Apr 25, 2007 8:39 am


Many of you are familiar with Howard and Larman's FolkScene radio show heard for 35 years on KPFK - Los Angeles. Howard passed away yesterday. There are two wonderful FolkScene compilation CDs from live performance in the studio with the Larmans. More information and an online guest book can be found on the FolkScene website:

FolkScene website

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Postby paddyinthepub » Wed Apr 25, 2007 1:53 pm

Although I can't say I knew the man, something tells me I knew the man. If that makes any sense. While I was never really aware of the Folk Scene show in it's actual live on air form, that did not keep me from knowing just a little of what it was all about.

I jumped on the Folk Scene Volume 1 release many years ago when I saw it in a local record store. It was in a Borders record store and one of the selections customers could peruse by simply donning in store headphones and pressing play. A couple of favorites of ours have always been David Wilcox and John Gorka. David's voice over his guitar at the start of the song always made us smile. "HI....Live music coming atcha on the radio" or something like that as he dove into "Someday Soon." And if that wasn't enough to close the deal, John Gorka singing a beautiful version of Stan Rogers "The Lock Keeper" was also on the record.

It's a disc brimming with great live performances and I saw on their website that Vol.2 and Vol.3 are there for the ordering. :wink:

Man, that was some career in music. My Dad use to tell me all the time that you should do what you love. You know, that thing that you just wake up every morning dying to do. You'd do it even if you never got paid for doing it. Yep, I think I knew this man just a little bit.

Good for him, a life well lived and time well spent. It's a rare breed that comes along, as Nanci Griffith would sing "Just once, in a very blue moon, just once in a very blue moon."

Rest in peace kind sir, it was good to kinda know ya. :)
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