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Some Road Songs

Posted: Sat Apr 21, 2007 1:07 am
by paddyinthepub
Well I've gone and done it again. As is often the case with me, I'm looking for one thing and stumble onto something else. It's a list of songs that include lyrics about roadways. Surely we can get Ellis added to the list..... :D

U.S Department of Transportation
Federal Highway Administration
Highway History

Some Road Songs
Richard F. Weingroff

Updated 04/12/07

While we were working on FHWA By Day, Deborah Vocke challenged me to come up with a list of highway songs. Her challenge was prompted by the video for the B-52's "Love Shack," which shows the quartet driving in their car singing, "I'm heading down the Atlanta highway." I looked through my LP and cassette collection and copied the highway songs onto cassettes. They turned out to be fun to listen to in the car or on my regular long walks around Washington.

Deborah and I talked about writing an article on highway songs when we were preparing material for the issue of Public Roads dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the Interstate System (Summer 1996). Somehow, time ran out on that idea, but I kept collecting and taping.

When "Some Road Songs" appeared on the Highway History Web site, it included only the songs I had come across. Since then, readers have suggested many additional songs that I was happy to include. If you would like to suggest a song, send it to: But keep in mind that we have some informal standards:

Songs about musicians being "on the road" don't qualify unless they actually mention roads.
Songs about cars, rather than roads, also don't quality.
A song can qualify if it mentions a highway even if the rest of the song is about something else.
The following list identifies the performers and songs; I have not attempted to identify the songwriter or the album/CD the song is on. If you are interested in that information, you might be able to find it by going to the All Music Guide Web site and searching for the performer or song at: The list is arranged alphabetically, with singers by their last name (Clapton for Eric Clapton), groups by the first significant word in their name (Rolling for The Rolling Stones). Recent additions are in bold.

There may be other highway song lists on the internet, including lists with more detail, more songs, and more performers. But here's the Highway History page list-for what it's worth:

WOW!!! :shock: What a list!!! :D

Link the comprehensive list here: bold print denotes lyrics included.

Link the updated list complete with lyrics:

Keep those suggestions coming....... :wink: