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SXSW - March 2007

Posted: Wed Mar 21, 2007 12:47 pm
by KarenZ

Any chance you can give us a partial list of what those 42 gigs were in Austin? Envious folks want to know! :D I'm impressed that you're functioning at all! :)


Posted: Wed Mar 21, 2007 1:41 pm
by Richard + Jela
Well here goes.....

We’re just back from our fourth trip to SXSW so here are our impressions

Yes, SXSW is a big corporate event but there are just as many shows to catch at the unofficial festival ‘NotSXSW’ which runs alongside and in my opinion is better that the official stuff. We don’t buy wristbands or badges but go on spec having of course done our research first. This was our schedule:

Wednesday 14/3:
Ed Petersen / Michelle Shocked (at Mother Egan’s – FREE)

Matt the Electrician/Nels Andrews/A.J. Roach/Ana Egge/ Michael Fracasso (at Combo Plate Booking Party, Gueros’ – FREE)

Charlie Louvin/Sunney Sweeney/Holmes Bros/Ruthie Foster/Ray Wylie Hubbard (at The Parish - $20)

Thursday 15/3:
Chip Taylor/Carrie Rodriguez/ Ed Petersen/Bill Kirchen/Eilen Jewell (at 3rd Coast Music show, Opal Divine’s PF – FREE)

Kris Delmhorst/Chris Smither/Eilen Jewell (at Hilton Garden Inn - $8)

Lynn Miles/Storyhill/Jimmy LaFave (at Hilton 18th Floor - $10)

Friday 16/3:
The Pines/Chris Smither/Eilen Jewell/Ray Bonneville (at Signature Sounds + Red House Party, Mother Egan’s – FREE)

Butch Hancock/George Ensle/Will T Massey/Betty Elders/ Jimmy LaFave (Chicago House Tribute, Opal Divine’s PF – FREE)

Saturday 17/3:
David Olney/Noelle Hamilton/Nels Andrews/Danny Schmidt/Kris Delmhorst/A.J. Roach/Anais Mitchell/Sam Baker (at House Concert - $20)

Bow Thayer/Band of Heathens (at Waterloo Ice House – FREE)

So 42 sets over 4 days for $58 – how could it get better??? Particular highlights included seeing Eilen Jewell live – we had her self released CD ‘Boundary County’ and she was wonderful live. Sam Baker – he was our No 1 'must see live' and more than lived up to expectations. His style is so raw, no frills or fancies, good, honest, extremely perceptive song writing, which we love.

Gurf Morlix played with Ray Wylie Hubbard, as did Ray’s son Lucas (age 13) on one song. Another ‘guest’ was Buddy Miller.

Nice to see Andrew Hardin (ex Tom Russell) playing again - he’s in Jimmy LaFave’s band. They really rock! Rad plays in his band - managed to chat with him, catching up after the New Year shows at Passims.

Nels Andrews performed some new songs, check out his MySpace site. His new CD, follow up to Sunday Shoes is scheduled for Autumn 2007.

One of the joys is seeing acts that you can’t get to see in the UK (Jimmy LaFave for one) and new artists – Band of Heathens for example who won ‘Best New Band’ at the Music Awards – a collection of individual singer/songwriters who went down well at Waterloo Ice House.

Without exception all the people we met are there because they love music, its what makes Austin, Austin. I just can’t imagine another festival like SXSW or Not SXSW where so many people come together for music. We met fans from Australia, Sweden, Singapore – and having been before it becomes a little like a big family reunion. We always make new friends as well as catching up with old.

Then after SXSW we flew to Oklahoma to meet up with BeckyG and go to the Antje concert in Norman. She was just wonderful, despite her guitar not making it and having to borrow one. I'll post my impressions in the proper place about her concert.

Flew in this morning, had a couple hours sleep and now trying to get back to normal after such a high.....hope to go again next year. It really is a wonderful experience. Needs lots of stamina, usually start listening at about 11.30am and last gig starts at 1.00am so often don't get to bed until the early hours but its worth it! We stoke up on BIG breakfasts and sometimes don't have time to eat very much during the day as we're too busy listening to music. We grab what we can, if we can. Some of the places serve food so we don't starve!

Richard took lots of pictures and once he sorts them out I'll get him to put them in an online album so that you can see them if you wish - may take a few days tho'


Posted: Wed Mar 21, 2007 3:21 pm
by KarenZ

Thank you, thank you, thank you! :)

Lynn Miles! Jimmy LaFave! Sam Baker! Oooh-la-la!!! :D

Try to get some rest! :)