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Happy Holidays to all...

Posted: Fri Dec 22, 2006 12:04 pm
by wendy
... and safe travels, too!

Time to leave the computer for the mad Xmas rush-around, but I wanted to wish you all a fine and safe long-weekend holiday. It's been a pleasure to have been a part of this community this past year. Thanks to all of you for helping to make it so much fun!

Posted: Fri Dec 22, 2006 12:38 pm
by paddyinthepub
Thanks Wendy....and to you and yours as well....til next year.

I too find this a fun and vibrant community to be a part of.

Happy, Healthy, and Safe Holidays Y'all.

Posted: Fri Dec 22, 2006 4:05 pm
by KarenZ
Same to you Wendy! :)

Merry Christmas to all! :)


Posted: Fri Dec 22, 2006 7:01 pm
by bonuela

Posted: Sat Dec 23, 2006 10:16 am
by Sue Ellen
...And a peace-filled New Year.

Sue Ellen