Having heart

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Having heart

Postby renee » Tue Sep 26, 2006 1:24 pm

Hi ya'll, i've just been noticing things in the world as late and felt the need to pontificate. And, i know you all like stories, or you wouldn't be here.
I have a story of two people's lives and how it all came out in the end
My grandfather was a Texas cattle farmer and owner of the only store in a 1 store town. He had a second grade education but ambition. He amassed a vast estate in the end of land and money, which he was generous with at times. I didn't know him well, he died when I was 12. I do remember him asking for his "sugar"(a Texas kiss) at the ends of trips, and it would always produce a dollar. Not sure now if that's such a great corellation for a child to learn. And when he died he had a big funeral in a big church, but honestly I don't remember tons of people. He was a man who had a big reputation, everyone spoke of him well in terms of business and what he achieved.
Forward to my other grandmother on my mom's side. She was a tiny woman 4'11". She had 11 children which she raised alone most of her life, her husband died at 47. She was a cotton farmer and then a school cafeteria worker, she ate govt. cheese and lived on a tiny pension from the school. She couldn't even get SSI b/c it would not allow her to receive her pension. I always remember her with 5 or 6 babies and children clinging on her lap and she was always smiling and taking out her teeth for us. (my favorite thing) She died when I was 20. She had a small funeral in a country church. But, you know it was standing room only and they had to put more chairs out for all the people. And it wasn't just family, many people in town turned out because they grew up with her. Second helpings of mashed potates for a hungry child. Giving the little she had. In fact, she would give us "sugar" everytime we went to see her. And she would give us a dollar on our birthdays. I waited all year to get that dollar.
I guess my point is its not really about what we achieve in this life or how much we earn, its how much we love and the people we touch in our path. I'm sorry my grandfather died, but i never really knew him, I miss my Granny Wages still and carrying her simple country wisedom and her love for God as a legacy in my heart.
Blessings to you all, enjoy this gorgeous fall! I'm in love...with the leaves.

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