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SXSW 2010

Posted: Tue Mar 30, 2010 4:18 pm
by Richard + Jela
I've been away from the db for a while mainly due to being in Texas for 18 (yes 18) days at pre SXSW, SXSW, NotSXSW and post SXSW.

We had an absolutely wonderful time, seeing friends, listening to music, enjoying the sunshine, travelling around and generally having a blast!

Pre SXSW we went to a Tom Russell show at the Cactus (meant that we stayed up nearly 27 hours on the day we flew - when I told them about this at work, a friend said 'huh they still think they're 22 years old!).

Next night achieved a long held wish - went to the Townes Van Zandt Birthday Salute hosted by Butch Hancock at the Cactus. Over 4 hours of music, with a host of guest artists too many to mention. Butch himself was awesome. Heard TVZ songs that I hadn't heard in years!

Off to the Hill Country and Luckenbach for Kerrville Folk Fest On the Road with Terri Hendrix, Susan Gibson and Jamie Wilson (one of The Trishas).

Jimmy LaFave in Fredericksburg - am a huge fan and it was so great to see him in a full show rather than at a showcase or at a festival where performances are too short. Support was Romi Mayes so that was a bonus.

Back to Austin for SXSW and Not SXSW (XSXSW) 5 days of almost non-stop music. So many shows, too many to list suffice to say I got to see my favourites more than once! The line ups are incredible - I get to see real favourites solo and together.

I went to the keynote - Smokey Robinson who talked about his career, with Dave Marsh. That was special.

Went to Blue Rock for their 4th Birthday Party celebrations, again an awesome line up with surprise guests Eliza Gilkyson, Lynn Miles and The Pines.

Finished the 5 days at a House Concert with 12 musicians plus others, who came to the house, and got an opportunity to sing.

Finally, a non music day and went to see Alice in Wonderland in 3D - I felt in Wonderland myself throughout this trip.

Have written a review of the (official) SXSW for Maverick which should be in the June issue which comes out in May.



Re: SXSW 2010

Posted: Wed Mar 31, 2010 7:23 am
by Patti
I am not sure what is more incredible, SXSW festival or your's and Richard's stamina to take it all in and then remember and write about it so efficiently. Incredible. Look forward to reading the review :)

Re: SXSW 2010

Posted: Wed Mar 31, 2010 10:06 am
by KarenZ

You go girl! Loved reading about your adventures through Texas! :)

I'll be seeing my #1 favorite female singer-songwriter, Lynn Miles, in Columbus, Ohio on May 1. Can anyone say ROAD TRIP? :-)


Richard + Jela wrote:Went to Blue Rock for their 4th Birthday Party celebrations, again an awesome line up with surprise guests Eliza Gilkyson, Lynn Miles and The Pines.

Re: SXSW 2010

Posted: Thu Apr 01, 2010 3:56 pm
by bonuela
gosh i am tired just reading that. i know for a fact i would have skipped alice in favor of a nap. :mrgreen:

Re: SXSW 2010

Posted: Fri Apr 02, 2010 12:47 pm
by Richard + Jela
I'm sure the adrenalin and excitement of doing what I so enjoy, keeps me going. SXSW and XSXSW are an endurance test but I am just so pleased that I can get to see so many wonderful musicians in such a condensed period that I just keep going, sometimes though running on empty!

The Austin musicians and their friends are so supportive of each other, they go to each others shows and get up and sing with one another so you get to see collaborations that you wouldn't anywhere else.


Re: SXSW 2010

Posted: Wed May 05, 2010 4:05 pm
by Richard + Jela
My review of SXSW will be in the June issue of 'Maverick' which will hit the shelves in a week or so. Here's the copy.....

The photos are by Richard.