Keeping up with board activity

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Keeping up with board activity

Postby wendy » Fri Aug 11, 2006 7:45 am

It's getting hard to keep up with this board! :shock:
You all are such active, good posters, I want to read everything and by the time I've caught up with all the reading, I can't remember which ones I thought I wanted to respond to! (senior moments? :oops: ) Not to mention the fact that I should be doing a zillion other things besides reading/writing on the EP discussion board....

I guess the point of this post is to say THANK YOU to everyone who's keeping this place such a great place to be. Just because I'm not responding doesn't mean I'm not appreciating!

Richard + Jela
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Postby Richard + Jela » Fri Aug 11, 2006 8:14 am

I find I experience a similar thing - unless I post a response as soon as I read something I find that I sometimes lose what it was I was going to reply to.

Always just love reading the postings.. in fact its the first website I check into every day.


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Postby paddyinthepub » Fri Aug 11, 2006 8:24 am

Hmmmn......sweet dilemna......and great opportunity here. Bonuela, dear, I know I've read somewhere that you cannot send us on any free cruises.

Please contact :

Uss Minnow II charter services and book us a 3 hour cruise.

Give the group a chance to catch up. Oh, and if were a lil late coming back to the board, carry on.

I do know how ya feel guys and gals.....been there.


solutions: ???
"once we're inside, it's a carnival ride" ~ ellis paul

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Postby KarenZ » Sat Aug 12, 2006 2:57 pm

Wendy, thanks for the comments. I don't think any of us can possibly jump in on every thread or conversation either so don't fret. Just enjoy and jump in when the spirit moves you. :)

"Some people are born to make great art and others are born to appreciate it. It is a kind of talent in itself, to be an audience, whether you are the spectator in the gallery or you are listening to the voice of the world's greatest soprano. Not everyone can be the artist. There have to be those who witness the art, who love and appreciate what they have been privileged to see." -- Ann Patchett in Bel Canto.

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Postby PotatoPicker » Mon Aug 21, 2006 2:09 pm

GREAT to see it so lively - and even if I am in the midst of vacation and have 9 days worth of posts to catch up on, only 10 minutes online, and then 2 more weeks disconnected - I love it. Hope eveyrone is having a gerat end of summer - I know I am.

Off to Bar Harbor now :)


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Postby paddyinthepub » Mon Aug 21, 2006 2:34 pm

Jeff...Thanks for the post card... :!:... good to hear from you.

Where did the Summer of 2006 go :?: Blink of an eye, right :?:

Thanks for the good tidings and glad to see your out there enjoying it.

Do get back to us when the getaways are memories and your back on the Ellis Paul Discussion Boardwalk......... :wink:
"once we're inside, it's a carnival ride" ~ ellis paul

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