It's the Same old Song

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It's the Same old Song

Postby paddyinthepub » Tue Mar 17, 2009 9:09 am

It's the same, old song, but with a different meaning, since you've been gone comes to mind as I try to kick off this thread about an artist's original song winding it's way through the ages. I'm not sure who wrote that particular song but I know David Wilcox's version was in my CD player for weeks.

To start things off, Little Boxes

My naive mind heard the song a few months back and believed it to be a Chuck E Costa orginal. He's got a great version of the song on video and it just feels like his song. oooooops! Watching the video just now I see it's a song by Malvina Reynolds. There's a nice video of Pete Seeger singing the song on his old tv show (he had one?) when he had Malvina on as a guest. Take note that he mentions another guest on the show that night who'd met Woody Guthrie and decided ramblin was for him. Youtube is a wonderfully resourceful tool and has taught me a thing or two. Why just this morning I learned that "Little Boxes" is theme song to the Showtime Series "Weeds" starring Mary Louise Parker and Kevin Nealon. Sounds like the tv show used the original Malvina Reynolds recording. I met Jeffrey Dean Morgan over Christmas at Starbucks in Manhattan. He said he was in town visiting the girlfriend. Mary Louise Parker it turns out. Chuck E Costa appeared on my radar in a Starbucks nearly 2 years ago. Small world.

Pete Seeger TV Show
Weeds Theme Song
Little Boxes video
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