My son loves "Elvis Paul"

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My son loves "Elvis Paul"

Postby karenpelletier » Mon Aug 18, 2008 6:18 pm

Recently we were at a minor league baseball game. There was an Elvis impersonator there and my 6 year old son was quite impressed. He insisted that he needed to have him sign his baseball mitt. Later in the evening he wanted his shirt signed by Elvis. I couldn't figure out the fascination until he came back to me beaming and said, "Mom, look! Elvis Paul signed my shirt!" It took a minute. He knows that we love to listen to Ellis Paul... he thought for sure THAT was who was signing autographs!

So, here's to "THE KING!" :lol:

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Re: My son loves "Elvis Paul"

Postby paddyinthepub » Wed Aug 20, 2008 12:17 pm

"these are moments whole lifetimes are made of" ~ ellis paul

Karen, what a great story! :lol: Thanks for sharing it here and welcome aboard! :D

As my son played skeetball at a tourist trap arcade at Weirs Beach in NH on Saturday I told my wife that as cheesy as the place was that it would be one of the highlights of the trip for him. She said really and I said, really! So it's hats off to the little things our kids enjoy in their youth.

That's priceless...... 8)

Elvis Paul

"once we're inside, it's a carnival ride" ~ ellis paul

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