Chicago Earthquake 4.18.08

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Chicago Earthquake 4.18.08

Postby paddyinthepub » Fri Apr 18, 2008 12:02 pm

I feel the earth move under my feet ~ Carole King

Early morning email subject line read CNN teaser: Chicago Earthquake

Figured it was a joke kind of thing. Then, coincidentally, got an email five minutes later from my wife who is in Chicago on business with a subject line that read: I think we had an earthquake.

Sure, enough!!! She said she was awoken around 430am and the bed was shaking and heard the sound an old tv makes when you move it across it's stand, kind of a screeching noisea s the tv in her hotel room was moving across the piece of furniture it was on.

She was wierd and then asked if I had eveer been in an earthquake? How soon she forgets....we were living in the Seattle area when the 7.8 hit 30 miles deep about an hour south of Seattle. It was mid morning and I was home with our lil guy, then around 2 yrs. of age.

He was around the corner in another room when the walls started to shake. I thought to myself.....what on earth could be doing to cause this? Before I could get up to see what he might be into....all hell broke loose and the house and family room walls started jumping up and down like a pogo stick. Then I knew I was in my very first earthquake. I rushed into the other room to scoop him up and get us into a doorway. I had him in my arms and sought refuge in a doorway as the shaking continued. The 2 chandeliers in sight were swaying back and forth. A very LOUD sound of glass shattering from back in the room where I'd just rescued him from.

I wa freaking out big time but did my best not to let him sense it. I wasn't sure to stay put in the doorway or dash for the front door to the safety of the front yard. The shaking lasted less than a minute and everything got quiet except for the chandeliers which were in a pendulum motion which allowed them to continue moving back and forth for a minute or two more.

Finally decided we would GET OUT OF THE HOUSE and exited to a strange calm in the streets as neighboors poured out into the street all with looks of shock and dismay at what had just happened. Some neighbors saw the paved blacktop of our street acutally rolling in wave like motion.

My wife was away on business (actually here in the Philly region) when it hit and of course all she could do was offer advice and try to calm me down by phone and from afar. Phone lies were tied up for awhile so it was difficult for her to call the house and as i recall it was a few hours before we could make contact. I wasn't crazy about going back into the house anytime soon for fear of aftershocks. Really strange feeling to be afraid of going into your own house.

Earthquakes are rare up Seattle way. We had talked a little about Earthquake insurance with our realtor and she said they were rare and some folks buy it and some don't bother. The glass that shattered was not a window as I had assumed but a large framed with glass picture that simply tipped over from it's propped up position (to be hung later) and into our oversized tub. Shattered in a million pieces.....and that, luckily, was the extent of damage in our home.

Hope you guys out Chicago way are all okay and will share stories of the earthquake that struck this morning....4.18.08 ~ If ya get a minute and can share some of the experience here....please do. :? I hear it was felt as far south as Georgia. :shock:

Anyone else have an earthquake tale to tell? This one or any others.
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Postby KarenZ » Fri Apr 18, 2008 12:11 pm

I was listening to friend Chris Darling's Us Folk radio show on WMPG out of Portland, ME (Us Folk is on every Friday morning). Chris had Audrey Auld Mezera live in the studio. Audrey is an Australian transplant now living in Nashville. She had just been on the phone with her husband who was back home in Nashville. He told her he felt the earthquake there. Supposedly it was centered in southern Illinois - 5.2 magnitude. :shock: No reported injuries. I hope that doesn't change.

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Postby AndaleOrbea » Fri Apr 18, 2008 2:44 pm

Everything seems fine "over by here". My daughter goes to school at the University of Evansville, about 40 southeast of the epicenter. She said it woke her up, but that was about all. Apparently the school checked all their buildings for possible damage and has cleared everything.

Growing up in Anchorage, I learned to sleep through most earthquakes. I do remember working for a home builder in the summers between college and being on an extension ladder when an earthquake hit - now that was a little scary, but it was kind of fun too :shock: . Needless to say, I think I slept through the one this morning, but I was up at 5 for my spin class, so I only missed it by about 20 minutes. Let's just say it is quite the topic of conversation - over by here. It's quite fun to hear people talk about their earthquake experiences.

My father, in all his wisdom, moved his young family up to Alaska in September 1964 - some 5 or 6 months after the Great Alaskan Earthquake. The quake occured on March 27, 1964 registering 8.4 on the Richter Scale, can't say I remember any of that other than stories from my parents and their friends as I was growing up. Thank goodness we weren't there while it was happening. The town of Valdez eventually relocated further west from it's original site in Prince Williams Sound (site of the southern end of the Alaskan Pipeline)

Paddy, I'm surprised Seattle didn't get more activity - it is in what is called the Pacific 'Ring of Fire' Thanks for sharing your story.


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