Tom Rush (and a Blackthorne/Brennans Tavern update)

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Tom Rush (and a Blackthorne/Brennans Tavern update)

Postby PotatoPicker » Tue Sep 26, 2006 12:05 pm

I meant to post about this Friday as a head's up about the show, but was too busy, and hadn't yet ordered my tickets, and....

We went to hear Tom Rush last night at Brennan's Grille in South Easton, MA (formerly Blackthorne Tavern, a place Ellis has played a couple of great shows at, including the show featuiring the infamous fez). Tom was in fine form, and gave a great performance. If you haven't seen him perform live, please do - he is a great and varied guitar player, sings some of his own material and also some great covers, and he's wicked funny as well......

Lucky story of the day - I ordered the tickets online yesterday morning (it was a spur of the moment decision again....) so naturally when we arrived we were seated up at the bar, in the back of the venue. The owner (Steve Brennan) asked if I had bought online that day, and said he might be able to do something for me. Just before the show we were moved to a table right in front of the stage - could have reached over and spiked Tom's tea we were so close.... Apparently they keep one table available in case of errors or emergency requests...... So that wasn't too bad either.

Brennan's (formerly Blackthorne Tavern) has pretty good food (the boneless wings appetizer was huge...) with a definite Irish them to the place. It is a fun venus to see Tom Rush or Ellis Paul or a similar artist. After the show I talked with Steve Brennan for a few minutes about the shows they do (since he is now my newest best friend !). He is going to start bringng back a couple of the aritsts who frequented the Blackthorne over the next few months - he is just going a little slowly because one the problems the previous owners had was that they had too many shows, and too many which did not have good attendance. So I think we have hope for an Ellis show, or maybe Antje or Flynn (who would be great at that venue).

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Postby wendy » Wed Sep 27, 2006 6:58 am

Sounds like a fun evening, Jeff, and great news about the return of a venue!

I've seen Tom Rush several times over the course of 4 decades(!) and have never been to a bad show. He's a classic.
Thanks for the write up :)

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