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Zack duPont

Posted: Tue Oct 27, 2009 9:11 am
by paddyinthepub
I passed early on Zack's sound on myspace last week when I stopped by knowing I'd be seeing him open for Chris Trapper at Tin Angel. That's all changed as his voice has flat captured my musical heart. His awe shucks demeanor about the gig and mad guitar skills won us over in no time at all. But that voice! All during his 30 minute set I tried to place just who Zack's voice brought to mind. I asked our tablemates right after who they thought he sounded most like. Paul Simon one said. Hmmn.

Zack was talking with folks near the stage after his set and Pam saw and heard someone else mention to him that he reminded them of Paul Simon. Hmmn. I asked him myself a little later, Zack, who do folks say you sound most like? "Uh, I don't know, some people say Paul Simon" I said, "no way, I don't hear it at all!" Zack offered an emphatic "Thank You!" When I asked him about influences he mentioned the Beatles and how his parents played all kinds of great music around the house growing up and added that his mom was a folk singer.

Spent time online digging a little deeper with Youtubes and the myspace to see if I could put to rest once and for all just who Zack duPont sounds like to me. He's in another band called Stacked and seems to be having fun with the four letter folk label given to artists alone on a stage with an acoustic guitar.

Still can't pin it down but after several more listens and youtubes I'm convinced of just one thing. Zack duPont has the same pure and natural vocal stylings of the likes of Ray LaMontagne, the late great John Martyn, and just a few minutes ago I thought I was listening to early David Crosby.

Zack calls Burlington, Vermont home these days. He didn't have a CD for sale (one's in the mastering stage) at merch and after all the attention afterwards and seeing the line for Chris Trapper merch he looked at family and friends in his midst (he's from Newark, Delaware and had many on hand) and said "I wish I had a CD to sell..."

He will someday, and when he does, I'll want to buy it. Based on one of those 'you had to be there' to hear him WOW the crowd on guitar and vocal and the kind of stage presence that let you know he took this stuff seriously but not terribly so. It's nice to stumble upon raw talent like Zack's ~ especially when you least expect it.

You can hear for yourself here with some myspace tunes. My advice would be to check him out live though where that voice is on display and see if he doesn't just surprise you, too. I especially enjoyed reading his "oh, that's not cool music" blog on myspace about getting out of your comfort zone and getting out to hear live independent music at a venue in your town. Partly sage and timely advice.

sorry folks.....couldn't resist the Paul Simon reference :oops:

I really like this guy!!!

Zack duPont on myspace

Re: Zack duPont

Posted: Thu Oct 29, 2009 10:01 am
by Mtn Gal
I'm listening to him right now with my kids who are home for a teacher workday and my 7 year old says Zack's strumming reminds him of Ellis Paul! I sort of hear Paul Simon but I think he sounds more like John Mayer. Very nice voice just the same and very enjoyable to listen to. Eight Hours of Therapy and Piece of Work are great tunes. Nice find Paddy!

Re: Zack duPont

Posted: Thu Oct 29, 2009 10:38 am
by paddyinthepub
Diggin a lil deeper this morning and diggin Zack duPont more and more the more I do. WOW comes to mind! Listened to "The Pilot" and had the feeling I was listening to Al Jarreau singing backed by Steely Dan. So glad you're enjoying him, too, Mtngal. Hopefully we have plenty of readers of the forum here in the Burlington, Vermont area that can take some of this man's musical talents in at a local show.

We became facebook friends and I had mentioned to Zack at Tin Angel that he should check out Burlap and Bean in Newtown Square, Pa since it's our favorite venue out in the suburbs of Philadelphia and would be perfect. I told him I would put in a good word to our friend Tara who is part owner and books the shows. Well, he reached out to Tara and it's booked! 8)

Zack Dupont will be appearing at Burlap and Bean opening for Jeffrey Gaines. YES!!! Got to see Jeffrey Gaines at Eagleview during a special fall festival concert and he blew me away. He had tons of fans in attendance (he's from this area) and as is often the case with Jeffrey Gaines around these parts I fully expect the Burlap and Bean show will SELL OUT!!! Woot!! :arrow: :arrow: Note to self ~ Get tickets before they're gone!

So when I asked Zack after Tin Angel if music was a full time thing for him he said it was ~ that he's in a few bands. He's the frontman for Stacked and the guitar player for Japhy Ryder ~ I checked them out on myspace ~ WOW AGAIN!!!

Japhy Ryder on myspace

Stacked on myspace
Where I'm lovin Paths


Re: Zack duPont

Posted: Fri Oct 30, 2009 8:03 am
by paddyinthepub
Zack duPont performs Third Eye View at Parima Acoustic Lounge
for the sake of folk.....a little more calm today

Okay, Paul Simon meets Jack Johnson, maybe. :wink:
Zack duPont performs Piece of Work at Parima Acousic Lounge
only my best friends come to see me

Stephen Stills meets Amos Lee hangin with David Crosby
Zack duPont performs The Sand Will Wash Away at Parima Acoustic Lounge

the big blue sky and the border patrol
lookin out for the coyotes tryin to catch that lost soul

Learned yesterday that young Canadian Folk artist Taylor Mitchell was killed by coyotes this week while hiking in Nova Scotia while on tour across the country.

Re: Zack duPont

Posted: Fri Oct 30, 2009 9:56 am
by Mtn Gal
OMG! How horrible! What a tragic way to go.

Re: Zack duPont

Posted: Fri Oct 30, 2009 10:15 am
by paddyinthepub

Learned about this on Facebook when an artist offered a rip Taylor Mitchell. I've been listening on myspace this morning with sincere admiration.

Taylor Mitchell thread over in Looking For my Friends

Re: Zack duPont

Posted: Thu Dec 31, 2009 2:49 pm
by paddyinthepub
Zack duPont plays the Philly area twice early in the new year with shows at The Flash in Kennett Square, Pa. (headlining) and at Burlap and Bean (opening for Jeffrey Gaines) and brings with him his solo debut CD titled Paths that has just been named in the Top 10 Vermont releases of 2009.

Here's the review of Zack duPont's Paths

Have a great new year, everyone, and support the indies!

1/12 at The Bee's Knees in Morrisville, VT 7:30pm
1/13 at Caffe Lena in Saratoga Springs, NY 7:00pm
1/15 at The Flash in Kennett Square, PA 7:00pm
1/16 at Burlap and Bean in Newtown Square, PA 7:00pm
1/17 at The Bitter End in NYC 7:00pm

Re: Zack duPont

Posted: Thu Feb 04, 2010 1:35 pm
by paddyinthepub
We saw Ellis Perform once at the Flash in Kennett Square. Not his last time through in November, we were in Ohio for Thanksgiving. It was the time before then and probably Ellis' first show at The Flash. It's a great venue that I liked immediately. I knew I'd want to return.

We saw Ellis perform at Tin Angel last time around. Chris O'Brien opened and I realized again just how much I enjoy his music. But the time before that it was young Zack duPont opening for Ellis at Tin Angel. He's a great young artist that I liked immediately. I knew I'd want him to return to the area and soon. He let me know words here helped land a string of shows and was extremely grateful.

Brings me to his show at The Flash about a month ago. The place was packed with the duPont circle of family and friends and fans and new fans in the makings. It was a great show. The opener was a young female artist named Christy Lenee. She's got mad guitar skills on the level of Leo Kottke and Tuck Andress of Tuck and Patti fame. She's good. Her non instrumentals lean towards Indigo Girls style sound.

Her set winds it's way to a close. I'm happy for the chance to stand up and stretch a little and more than a little excited to see Zack take the stage as the night's headliner. All is right with the world. Then.....

I'm skipping stones
at the edge of the dock
A fog came rolling in,
quiet like a hawk
The river's so smooth,
it could shatter with a rock
It felt like I was walking on water

...comes blasting over The Flash sound system as folks get up for refreshments and I'm up and about and I feel like I am walking on water. Just a full circle moment I wanted to share. The CD played throughout the intermission one new Ellis Paul song after another. There were post card schedules listing upcoming shows at The Flash. The background photo to the card was a photo of Ellis Paul at a bar, sometime, someplace. I grabbed a few. Talked up Ellis Paul to a couple of gentlemen who'd driven two hours to see Christy Lenee after seeing her only once before at one of the big folk fests. Falcon Ridge I think, where our own roving weatherman, Ellis Paul, sent meteorological notes from the road. He was in New Mexico recently with DonCon and treated fans to one of the drives and live footage of songs performed at a house concert. Just another taste of a taste of a day not wasted!

Zack duPont returns with his brother Sam duPont.
Tin Angel
March 26