John Martyn -- RIP

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John Martyn -- RIP

Postby paddyinthepub » Fri Jan 30, 2009 1:48 pm

The music world has lost another great as CNN reports the news that John Martyn has died.

Here's a couple of articles written on his life and times:

May we never forget the genius of John Martyn
John Martyn - A Music Legend Remembered

John Martyn on Wikipedia

Here's John Martyn with Danny Thompson, Kathy Mattea, and Jerry Douglas.
May You Never

On a personal note:

John Martyn hit my ears the first time late 80's on KPFT 90.1 FM (the mighty 90) in Houston. I'd get home from working night shift and tune in to hear what host Michael Rex was going to play next on his 3 hour show. Michael was a HUGE fan and it occurs to me tonight that's when and where my appreciation began. One fine morning Michael Rex played "May You Never" and I was, as they say, done!!!

I'm sure I'll learn more now that he's gone than I ever took the time to learn about him. From what little I've discovered, his divorce, and the bottle, had a lasting effect on his life and career. I loved the line I read tonight on his myspace maybe where John states that had he drinken only coffee all these years he may have made something of himself. He seemed destined to be on the fringe of folks knowing who he was. I wasn't surprised to learn he was a chum to Nick Drake, roommates for a time, but was unaware until recently John's song Solid Air was about Nick Drake. Thank heaven for youtube, all I can say. And for John Martyn -- more than a few artists I enjoy were early fans.

Rest in Peace, John Martyn, from what little I know, it's much deserved.
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