The Hero In You!

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The Hero In You!

Postby john1977 » Tue Jan 03, 2012 9:44 am

Hey everyone and Happy New Year!

Picked up the new album, "The Hero in You" at Ellis Paul's PHENOMENAL Portland, ME show the other night and after a couple days of spinning it, I have to say, this album is pretty amazing! Regardless of genre or any preconceptions that might surround a record dubbed as a "family" album, this is an incredibly strong addition to Ellis Paul's discography. As a long time listener, I am very much surprised at a lot of the twists and turns this album takes musically and sonically. I love how experimental the album feels at times with varying textures ranging from fuzzy lo-fi vocals, moments washed over with synthesized bliss, booming bass lines, a little spoken word and folk-rap and really fun and creative arrangements. This record reminds me a little of Paul McCartney's experimental McCartney II album with it's homemade openness bursting with joy and pure creative freedom. Of course, the songwriting is as strong as ever, with some incredible stories and reflections on contributions made to the American culture by some beautiful and inspiring people. I really hope this one continues to expand Ellis Paul's fan base and reputation as one of the most adventurous and exciting songwriters working today!

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Re: The Hero In You!

Postby KarenZ » Wed Jan 04, 2012 12:53 pm


Thanks for starting a thread for the new CD! I just got a copy at the NYE shows and gave it the first listen driving home from the airport when I got back home. I've given it 3-4 listens so far amd loving it! Not sure which song is my favorite - so many melodies are leaving their impression. Yesterday morning I woke up with "Nellie Bly, Nellie Bly" in my head; this morning it was "sit down to stand up" (the Rosa Parks song). "No one can see the world through your eyes" (the Georgia O'Keefe song) is probably the catchiest melody. I really love the Martha Graham song (an Ellis Paul rap!)....also the Ben Franklin song (the kids' speaking parts are fun!)...."Chief Joseph" is beautiful....and, of course, I love the Woody Guthrie song which could have been written by Woody himself! :-) A plethora of sounds for sure! Producer Flynn dipped into his chemistry set again - the result being an amazing production! 8)

Anyone else have a favorite song(s) yet???

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Re: The Hero In You!

Postby PotatoPicker » Wed Jan 04, 2012 3:26 pm

Too early to tell for me - I have only given it a single listen since the weekend. And it will be very interesting to hear my niece and nephews' response to their copy :)

I will say - I like it a lot. So many deft touches throughout - Mr. Paul and Mr. Flynn were very busy, and with great results.

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Re: The Hero In You!

Postby john1977 » Wed Jan 04, 2012 11:30 pm

I personally love this album front to back...every song is very, very strong! But if I had to pick a favorite right now it would have to be "Georgia O'Keefe". As Karen has pointed out (Hi Karen!), the melody sticks with you and I think the performance is just beautiful. It really is the perfect closing song for the album. Ellis captures the sentiment perfectly and his vocal delivery is incredibly emotional. I'm also really into "Augustus Jackson" and "Rosa Parks"...and of course, "Chief Joseph" is definitely very powerful. I really loved hearing it performed live the other night and was really moved by the whole thing...All in all though, this is just SUCH A GREAT album!

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Re: The Hero In You!

Postby Patti » Wed Jan 11, 2012 10:53 am

Yes the new Cd has some great songs on it. I am leaning towards Ben Franklin as my favorite but probably because of the kids singing in it. Martha Graham has a very catchy tune as well.. Love the poem about Thomas Edison and while most people know he invited the incandescent light bulb few probably realize he was severely hearing impaired and in order to listen to the phonograph he invented he would have to bite the table it was on to the feel the vibrations of the music through his teeth.
( though that is not mentioned in the poem just thought I would throw it out there :)
Love the Georgia Okeefe song as well.. There is a copy of Poppy in the stairway at my work. Another good reason to take the stairs and not the elevator :lol:

I am sure Woody Guthrie would be proud of the song ELlis wrote for him and all the songs Ellis has written while be inspired by him.

I ordered a few copies of the CD and have given them to friends with younger kids.. and the verdict is in.. The Hero in You hero is a winner and keeper !!

I am curious, and Karen maybe you know, have many people come to Ellis saying they first heard or learned of Ellis from his kids music and then listened and like the adult music too.. just wondering ?

"Embrace what you have in common, celebrate what sets you apart" Ellis Paul

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Re: The Hero In You!

Postby monicar » Wed Jan 11, 2012 4:41 pm

I ordered the CD for my godson, Joshua. For some reason, forgot about ordering one for ME! On my to do list.

Just got a call from Josh, thanking me. He hasn't listened to it yet, as he's on his way home from school, but promised to call me and give me a 9-year-old's review when he listens! He asked me if I had heard it yet and I told him I still didn't have one. He got his first cos' he's special. I got a very loud "Thank you Auntie Monica" to that statement! Love that kid.

I heard Chief Joseph at the show Ellis did in Scituate. Made the hair on my arms stand up. Don Con told me I need a brush for that, so I guess I better get on that before I get my CD.

Will report back when I get the review!

Monica R.

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