Setlist archive?

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Setlist archive?

Postby lisa071573 » Sun May 29, 2011 2:51 pm

Hi guys,
It's been years since I've been on the board... I'm a slug and I still owe Richard + Jela a copy of the Passim New Year's Eve recordings from a long time ago (2004). Anyway, I'm actually trying to make progress on my audio recordings. My first task is to organize them all and make a list of the shows I have. I have a couple of undated minidiscs that I'm trying to date. I remember a long time ago there was talk about a setlist archive... just tried googling for it but couldn't find it. Anyway, been listenng to a show from Soho in Santa Barbara and I think it's 10/3/2004 but I wanted to verify if anyone ever created a setlist archive.

Also, has anyone ever asked Ellis about being added to the Live Music Archive? ( ... %2Fcreator) Once I get my stuff ready to be traded, it'd be cool to upload shows for download. Dimeadozen is a good place to post torrents, but the Live Music Archive is really a great resource.

Anyway, will try to get some of my Ellis recordings transferred off the minidiscs!

Btw, recently saw Ellis here in CA at the Woody Guthrie tribute show and Hotel Cafe. I *love* the new song about Johnny Cash (Kick out the Lights).
:) Lisa
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Re: Setlist archive?

Postby Richard + Jela » Sat Jun 04, 2011 7:03 am

Lisa - I hadn't forgotten?????? In fact I was trying to track you down but couldn't remember your surname :D

The reason why that show is important is because it was our first NYE trip to Passim and Ellis and Don (having found out from Matt Smith that we had come from England especially to see them) came down in the audience and played 'Let It Be' for us. Special memories.

Good to see you're back on here and am green about the LA show - wasn't it the final Ribbon of Highway performance ever?

Re the set lists, there was a setlist website but it got badly hacked and is no more.

Ellis is coming the the UK in July so we get to see him on our side of the pond for a change :D


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