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9 June '12 Family Matinee Duluth, GA

Posted: Wed Jun 06, 2012 3:16 pm
by Italysun
I just wanted to say how excited my son and I are about this show coming up on Saturday. My parents happened to catch Ellis Paul at a coffee house in TX not too long ago and took a chance and bought The Hero in You for my son after only hearing the Chief Joseph song. I am so glad that they did, because he absolutely loves it and so do I. The Hero in You, Woody Guthrie, and Rosa Parks were his very favorite songs from the very beginning, but now he loves every song on the album and so do I, and that is an amazing thing to say about any CD. This CD is an amazing piece of work. My son is only five and a half years old, but thanks to Ellis Paul he probably knows more about important figures in American history than the average adult. Even I have learned quite a bit from the music and from being inspired to look up more information for myself and for my son who wants to know more about and see pictures of the people that the songs talk about.

Ellis Paul - thank you again for such an amazing musical compilation of unique and educational songs - Isaac and I just love it. We can't wait until Saturday!

Re: 9 June '12 Family Matinee Duluth, GA

Posted: Tue Jun 12, 2012 10:12 pm
by Patti
That is so great to read, music can be a great educator. My kids grew up on Ellis' music but it was before he was writing family songs.. I hope you enjoyed the show !!

Re: 9 June '12 Family Matinee Duluth, GA

Posted: Tue Jul 10, 2012 11:56 am
by Italysun
Thanks Patti!

I meant to update this sooner, but time just seems to get away from me. I just wanted to say that we had such an amazing time! Ellis Paul is truly a great musician and puts on one heck of a show. I was worried that my son would not have as good of a time once I learned that the concert was centered more around the Dragonfly races cd that we had never heard before instead of the Hero in You cd that he fell completely in love with. I should not have even worried because once Ellis Paul started to sing and play his guitar (which he chose to do without even a microphone or an amplifier - which made it just that much more amazing) and interact with the audience, my son fell completely in love with all the new songs. We immediately went out into the lobby and bought the Dragonfly races cd, and Ellis Paul was nice enough to autograph it for him and even let us take a picture of them together. Ellis Paul even stopped to talk to my son about his favorite songs on the Hero in You cd, and all that personal interaction really was the icing on the cake to my son. My son still talks about how he "got to take a picture with Ellis Paul!" and about how "Ellis Paul sang songs we never heard before!". It was such a great experience that I have recommended to everyone I know to catch an Ellis Paul family friendly show if they ever have the chance. If he ever comes back around our area we will be there in a heartbeat. I am hoping that he makes more children's music because we just love it.