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Old Town School - Chicago - Oct. 23, 2011

Posted: Wed Nov 02, 2011 11:32 pm
by pre10der
Wow, I'm surprised at the inactivity on the board lately.

Went to see Ellis at the School of Old Town Folk Music on Oct 23rd. He was double billed with Peter Case. I had heard of Case but never heard his music. Case was pretty good, more bluesy that Ellis. Peter played first for about 45 minutes. He played a lot of tunes on a 12 string Taylor. Sounded good.

Ellis came out and said that this was his "Facial Hair Tour". He had a very thin mustache and whiskers on his chinny chin chin. He said it was getting stuck in his harmonica and that he was shaving it tomorrow! The Set list is below.

Rose Tattoo
3000 Miles
Crying ... Roy Orbison cover
Kick Out The Lights, Johnny Cash
Hurricane Angel
Lights of Vegas
>Peyton Song...see explanation below
Chief Josef Song...From Where the Sun Does Stand (something like that)
Circle Game ..Joni Mitchell cover
World Ain't Slowin' Down
Marias Beautiful Mess

As you can see it's a short set list... The show ended at 9:40. Ellis played only 1:15-1:20. I was pretty disappointed. I drive in from the suburbs, takes about an hour each way. The music was GREAT, I just can't believe it was so short. There seemed to be strick time limits for both musicians.

Ellis had a young songwriter (think his name was Peyton something) come out and join him on the song "Lights of Vegas". Then Peyton did one of his own songs. He sounded good, deeper voice that Ellis. Ellis sounded great on harmonies.

A lot of sing-a-long songs...The Johnny Cash song was a lot of fun, The Guys would sing "Kick Out The Lights" and then the Gals would sing "Johnny Cash, Johhny Cash, Johnny Cash". the whole crowd joined in.

Talked to Ellis before the show. I told him a story of how a friends 6 year old son was upset when his Dad killed a Dragonfly in the house. The boy really defended the Dragonfly telling his Dad that they don't hurt people and he couldn't believe that he killed it. I asked Ellis if he could sign his Dragonfly Races CD to Tommy, the little boy. Ellis wrote...Tommy, Thanks for fighting for me, Dusty!

Ellis is coming back to Chicagoland in March to SPACE. Hopefully we'll get a longer show.

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Re: Old Town School - Chicago - Oct. 23, 2011

Posted: Mon Nov 07, 2011 12:44 pm
by KarenZ

Thanks for the report! I had hoped to be there, but family stuff took precedence. Maybe in March when Ellis returns to SPACE.

That would be Peyton Tochterman. I've had has CD for several months and have grown to really like his voice and his songs.