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jan 19 2009 - Happy Obama Day!

Jan. 19, 2009
Let's assume Abraham Lincoln, still making the thank you rounds in Heaven to all those who sacrificed themselves to the Civil War, takes a moment to glance down through the clouds. He sees a skinny Black man, on the steps of the Capitol building, placing his hand upon the very same Bible that Abe once had whispered "amen" over during his inauguration some 150 years ago.

What could this be?

Is he shocked? Happy? Weeping?

I think he'd be smiling, nonetheless, and satisfied that some circle had become complete-- but I'm guessing his happiness would be springing more from Obama's character than the color of his skin.

He'd know that this period in American history brings us to a defining crossroads, just as the Civil War had. America was defined by what happened then, as we will be now.

Obama has done an incredible job of inspiring us-- what an accomplishment after years of feeling downtrodden about the state of the world and America's place in it. What an eloquent presence for us to throw all of our problems at. What a target he has become! He has to be able to avoid more than a shoe.

We need a great man in office right now, regardless of race. We need a genie. A magician. An accountant. A warrior for peace. An American missionary for change. Someone with a back bone that can bend and be firm depending on the weight of the moment. Black white red yellow. It doesn't matter-- character has no color.

Lincoln's smiling because Obama looks like he has the grace to handle what is coming-- to keep us at ease, but inspire us to work together for some common good and evolution. Could you imagine Richard Nixon taking office right now?

I hope we all will be inspired by this change to serve as ambassadors of America to the world and help repair some of the damage wrought by the last few decades of war, plundering, and greed. Serving your country in whatever role: teacher, musician, corporate white collar guy, mother, father.

Obama is white. Obama is black.  Tiger Woods is Asian. Tiger Woods is black.

We all eventually will melt into one another. I'm French English American Indian Scottish British.

Good luck to us all... we have a flood of problems here, we all need to chip in and pick up a sandbag. Obama is pointing out the holes in the levy. Not just in our financial lives, but in our lives as a culture.

Let's plug them holes up. I'm gonna do it with songs.
good luck this year, y'all!

Listen and pass on the song "Change"

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Take a Listen to a Few New Songs

Take a Listen to a Few New Songs
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