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Ellis sheds light on "The Hero In You" in Charlottesville Family Magazine!

August 06, 2012

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Feature on Ellis in the new edition of Charlottesville Family mag!

This past March, Parents' Choice selected Ellis Paul's new family music CD, "The Hero in You," for its top honor - the Gold Award - citing its "vivid musical profiles of men and women who... made a profound difference to countless lives." Long known for his socially conscious songwriting, Paul chose 13 individuals who, he says, "had interesting stores to build a song around." Some, like Benjamin Franklin, are familiar while others, such as artist Georgia O'Keeffe, are less well know. "These people did amazing things," Paul declares. "They can inspire young people to day to go out and become the heroes of their own lives." Visit ellispaul.com

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pg. 14

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