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released 2012   Black Wolf Records

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Ellis Paul Publishing 2012

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His name is Ellis Paul, and he’s a critically acclaimed acoustic singer-songwriter currently based in Charlottesville, VA.  Originally from Boston, he has won 14 Boston Music Awards and was recently invited by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to pay tribute to his hero Woody Guthrie.

His latest cd, “The Hero in You” won the 2012 Parent’s Choice Gold award and is a fun, educational and inspirational cd for people of all ages.   He sings about America’s important heroes and cultural icons such as Rosa Parks, Albert Einstein and Jackie Robinson to name a few.

During the 1970s, as a teenager growing up in Maine, Ellis Paul recalls with fondness the pioneering Saturday morning ABC television children’s series Schoolhouse Rock!  Employing animated musical shorts, the show covered a broad range of educational subjects. THE HERO IN YOU  follows in those footsteps and paints portraits of men and women who made a significant impact on American life.  The album title song, which launches this collection, introduces, nay, promotes the concept YOU—the listener— can become a hero.

From Lynne Heffley,   ©2012 Parents' Choice:

"The Hero in You is an inspired family album with execution to match. Singer-songwriter Ellis Paul offers a stirring, well-researched tribute to a wide array of American heroes, crafting vivid musical profiles of men and women whose words, actions, inventions and art made a profound difference to countless lives. Paul's eclectic selection includes some of the familiar names you might expect: Thomas Alva Edison, Rosa Parks, Jackie Robinson, Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein. Paul turns the latter's revolutionary mathematical equation E=mc2 into a memorable refrain. Other choices are less expected: The tragic and heroic Nez Perce leader Chief Joseph; Nellie Bly, intrepid world traveler and investigative journalist before women had the vote; artist Georgia O'Keefe and groundbreaking dancer-choreographer Martha Graham. Rachel Carson, the environmental movement pioneer, is here. So are early African American entrepreneur and former White House chef Augustus Jackson and 20th century blues musician Mr. Tee Tot. Paul connects his moving and celebratory biographical sketches with messages of positive reinforcement to young people to explore their own potential and follow their dreams."

What People Are Saying about Ellis Paul and The Hero in You:

“Folk-pop singer/songwriter Ellis Paul turns his tremendous talents toward celebrating Americans who are heroes… This superb album would be a great discussion starter and.. is a terribe addition for school and public library collections.”  - Veronica De Fazio, School Library Journal

“Veteran folk song icon Ellis Paul sings ‘You can make the hero you are’… More than a dozen tribute tunes salute American heroes Rosa Parks, Ben Franklin, and more on this smart and upbeat album.” - Scholastic

“History gets a lot less boring for your kids with The Hero in You, by Ellis Paul” – Parent’s Magazine

Highly recommended as an inspirational album particularly ideal for public and school library children’s music collections.” – Midwest Book Review

"The multi-award winning songwriter does folk right, in a kid-friendly, fun manner."- Kids home Library, Creators Syndicate

“An extraordinary album that celebrates the achievements of notable Americans, and recognizes the hero that lives in every child.” -- No Depression

An ingenious and entertaining way to bring history to life through songs. Paul gets high marks for his musical history lesson.” -- Michael Berick, LA Parent

“Beautifully and with great respect, Paul set these fascinating life stories to music that is sophisticated and executed with great musicality. The Hero in You will touch both your children’s lives and yours.”
– Baltimore’s Child

Written by Ellis Paul
Produced by Flynn /
Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Dooneen Studios, Brighton, MA.
Artwork: Drawings by Ellis Paul
Design: Communication via Design

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